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Social Media Management

You know that social media is important for your business but you really don't have the time to put in. The Wild Roots team will create a custom social media strategy and handle the management of your accounts so that you can focus on other things -- like running your business. 

What's Included:

○ Social media questionnaire   

○ Follower strategy and reputation management

○ Bi-weekly campaign & analytics report     

○ Custom social media strategy

○ Weekly content calendars

○ Regular communication with our team


1 social platform starting at $600/month

Each additional platform starting at $200/month


Social Media Audit

Your business is active on social media but you don't have a strategy yet. The Wild Roots team will work with you to create a custom social media strategy that you can use to reach your goals. We'll do an audit of your current social media presence and give you insider training on the platforms so that your social media accounts can do their magic for your brand!

What's Included:

○ Social media questionnaire                                             

○ Custom social media strategy for your team to execute

○ Social media accounts critique        

○ Outline of social media platforms with insider tips                       

○ Social media training and consulting


One-time fee starting at $300


Add-On and Individual Services

Just need a little help boosting your social media strategy? We offer a la carte services that you can purchase independently or add on to another service.

○ Social media graphics and templates                               ○ Social media contests

○ Styled product or lifestyle photography                          ○ Advertising campaign management

○ Social media engagement and follower campaigns          ○ Influencer marketing