Asturias in photos // 20 Photos of Asturias, Spain that will inspire you to visit

The Asturias is a region unlike anywhere else in Spain.

Nestled in the northwest of Spain, between the Bay of Biscay and the rugged mountains of Cantabria, Asturias is a hidden gem.

Despite having amazing hiking, untouched wilderness, and pristine beaches, the Asturias region really doesn’t see much international tourism. The whole region has to be Spain’s best-kept secret.

I visited the area on a solo trip while I was studying abroad in Madrid. I was craving some good hiking and a whole lot of relaxation and let me tell you, Asturias delivered that and more. I felt so refreshed, recharged, and inspired after spending a few days there.

I also took about a million pictures. Everything was just too beautiful — I couldn’t put my camera down! So here is my Asturias photo diary; a collection of my favorite images from my favorite hidden gem in Spain.

poo de llanes

Poo de Llanes (I know, I know, keep it together) is a suburb of the town of Llanes. It gets its name from the beach, Playa de Poo, that it’s located on. There are tons of hiking trails, beaches, and wildlife nearby.

If you’re lucky, a man may even ride majestically on the beach on an actual white steed and you may feel like you’re in a movie and burst out laughing by yourself in the prettiest place on earth. Just a little disclaimer.

carreña de cabrales

Carreña de Cabrales is a colorful little town near Las Arenas de Cabrales. It’s a great jumping off point for lots of beautiful hikes in the area. It’s super tiny at only 19.95 km² in size with a population of 412.



Bulnes is the last town in Asturias without road access. You can get to Bulnes either by hiking there or by taking the cable car. I chose to hike up and take the cable car down after a litttttle too much cider at the top. The hike was gorgeous and I only shared the path with a few other hikers and one friendly mountain goat.

Las Arenas de Cabrales or Carreña de Cabrales are great towns to stay in if you want to hike to Bulnes. There are a few places to stay in Bulnes itself but I would recommend doing it as a day trip because there’s not too much to do in the tiny town with a population of 34.

There is SO much to see and do in Asturias and this post just scratches the surface. I spent about 4 days in this beautiful region of Spain and I wish I had had more time to see everything. I recommend spending at least a week here to really be able to take in everything the area has to offer.

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